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  • Jana Chapman


Ever felt like a fish out of water in your workplace? Perhaps the buzz and bustle were too much, or the whirlwind of change left you dizzy. While diverse personalities enrich a workplace, we each have our unique rhythm and thrive differently. By recognizing our strengths and inclinations, we can enhance self-awareness, adapt to various settings, and collaborate more effectively with our teams. It also guides us in seeking environments that resonate with us or in navigating ones that might not be our first choice. Our work persona, like our overall identity, is multifaceted and can't be neatly boxed. However, reflecting on core personality traits can shed light on how our innate tendencies shape our work dynamics.

Each of us has a distinct value to offer. Whether your current work setting aligns with your persona or not, there are always steps to enhance your experience and contribution. This is why we're excited to unveil our new quiz: "What's Your Workplace Persona?". This quiz is loosely based on the Big 5 Personality traits and explores four foundational dimensions of personality: agreeableness, conscientiousness, extraversion and openness. As firm believers that there is no good or bad, each extreme has its pros and cons. Likely you'll fall somewhere in between, but for the sake of simplicity we're just going to be considering which side of the spectrum you connect with most. For those keen on a deeper exploration, we've added a few optional questions at the start. These delve into your experiences, forming the foundation of a fulfilling career journey with Paloma. Ready to embark on this enlightening journey?

Click here to take the quiz and discover your workplace persona!

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